What Do You Do To Slow Down and Relax?

By Peter L DeHaan, PhD

Peter DeHaan, publisher and editorAlthough I live in a rural area, my immediate surroundings are not; my house is in a subdivision. Even so, wildlife abounds. During the non-snowy months, at any given time I can, look out my office window and see at least one animal and usually more. I’ve spent the last five months verifying this to be true.

Most often, I see birds. Squirrels come in second; sometimes they’re in pairs: darting, jumping, chasing, climbing.

I also see rabbits; they’re common but not a daily occurrence (though I really don’t spent my time gazing out my window). When I see a rabbit, it’s always alone, which is a bit sad to mention.

But today I saw two: hopping, playing tag, just hangin’ out. Then a third one appeared. One hopped left, the other scurried right, while the third went in a circle. They were on the smaller side, perhaps siblings born this year.

Then, to my delight, a fourth one hopped into view, a bit larger and more deliberate in movement. I surmised this to be the mom. For quite a while I admired their comings and goings, their freedom, and their life.

I’m glad I took the time to watch them frolic; it was good to slow down – and to marvel.

Most people who work in healthcare are finding there are more pressures, work, stress, and changes than ever before. While there’s not much that can be done to stop that, we can periodically slow down.

What do you do to slow down?

Peter DeHaan is the publisher and editor of Medical Call Center News and AnswerStat magazine.






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